Class Timings - 3.00 PM to 4.30 PM for Mazhalai & 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM for Level 1-Level 8


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Mission & Vision

The mission of Plano Tamil School is to provide quality education to students in a safe and orderly environment, to prepare them to read, write and speak the Tamil language by following a best in class curriculum, to transform the students in to effective communicators in spoken and literary Tamil and to create future leaders and torch bearers of Tamil language.

The vision of Plano Tamil School is to be a leading provider of quality education in Tamil language and to be a Platform for Students, Teachers and the Tamil Speaking community to Protect, Promote and Preserve the richness of Tamil language and culture.


Visalakshi Velu Trained as a Montessori teacher, with Bachelors in Education, Visalakshi Velu started Plano Tamil School. With her background in teaching spiritual education classes, and a passion for teaching young children, she harbored the growth of Plano Tamil School from scratch...


Velu Raman is a visionary in the Tamil community. With Plano Tamil School being the initial seed, Velu Raman expanded his service multi-dimensionally by starting Sastha Tamil Foundation, the first independent non-profit Tamil organization in the DFW area. Being born in a rural village in Tamil Nadu, India...


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