Mr. Velu Raman, a visionary and a leader by nature, founded Sastha Tamil Foundation in 2010. It is no surprise he was keen on expanding his reach to help the community for the greater good of the under privileged back home in Tamil Nadu, India and locally in Dallas, Texas. He has been leading, changing, and growing community organizations since his 20's. Born in a family that extends a lending hand for anyone in need, giving back to the community was in his blood. He has previously served as the Secretary of a temple in Tamil Nadu, India for 9 years. He has actively volunteered on the administration side, and as a teacher in a spiritual educational organization in Dallas since 2003. He saw how quickly Plano Tamil School, now a subsidiary of STF, was growing. As a means of stabilizing the growth and to create a larger reach in a more impactful way, he started the non-profit Sastha Tamil Foundation. Mr. Velu's vision is to continue to inspire many people to volunteer since volunteering creates fulfillment in one's life. His goal is for STF is to be a channel for good, to help those in need, to create an opportunity for us to serve others, along with providing a platform for the community to grow through instilling the values of the Tamil culture and literature.

Mrs. Visalakshi Velu is a dedicated woman who devotes her time everyday to run Sastha Tamil Foundation and Plano Tamil School. Coming from a family that has a history of helping the community, she too constantly looks out for ways to help those in need. She is the director and founder of Plano Tamil School since 2001. Mrs. Velu facilitates the operations of the organizations, and ensures that both organizations run smoothly.

As a team, Mr. Velu Raman and Mrs. Visalakshi Velu, along with the support of the numerous members of STF Family and their two children Ms. Ramya Velu & Mr. Ganapath Ramu Velu, have grown Sastha Tamil Foundation into a nationally recognized independent Tamil organization in the US.

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