STF's Yearly Charity Contributions


STF Donates to Chennai Flood Relief

STF Supports Udavum Karangal

Sastha Tamil Foundation has been conducting charity fundraisers since 2011, mostly benefiting Udavum Karangal. Udavum Karangal (Helping Hands) is a registered, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit social service organization, established in 1983, with the sole objective of serving people in need.

Udavum Karangal provides shelter, food, medical services, education and personal care to 2000+ people. They include: abandoned children, mentally retarded children, spastic (mere vegetable like) children, severe psychiatric patients, abandoned elderly/dying destitute, HIV/AIDS/Cancer patients & more. They have multiple locations in Tamil Nadu, India. Learn More >>

STF Supports Shakthi Kalai Kuzhu

In 2014, STF not only supported Udavum Karangal, but also supported Shakthi Kalai Kuzhu. Shakthi Kalai Kuzhu is an organization that helps empower poor Dalit (untouchable) woman, who are 10th drop out girls. They are trained in Parai attam, a Tamil folk art. They are also given education in social analysis, micro-economic sustainability, academics, personal empowerment, and community leadership.

STF has supported Shakthi Kalai Kuzhu’s efforts to finish constructing a new classroom building by donating $21,000 in 2014, in order to expand their education efforts to create a sustainable future for the Dalit women. Learn More >>

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