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Thirukurral Competition was started in 2008 for the Plano Tamil School students. In the later years, Sastha Tamil Foundation grew the event to the citywide competition it is today. In order to sustain such a large event, STF developed its own software to manage the judging and scoring of this competition. STF is taking efforts locally, nationally, and internationally for the Tamil community to participate in and benefit from Thirukurral. If you would like to host a Thirukurral competition in your city, Sastha Tamil Foundation would be glad to extend support.

What is Thirukurral?

Thirukurral is the most popular and widely esteemed Tamil classics of all times consisting of 1330 couplets. Thirukkural, one of the most important works in the Tamil language, is a literature on philosophy and life in general. Thiruvalluvar, a sage and philosopher, wrote it over 2000 years ago. Since the topics cover all aspects of life, it has a universal appeal and is the only Tamil literary work that has been translated into several languages.

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Thirukkural Competitions 2017

Thirukkural Competitions 2017

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Thirukkural Competitions 2016

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