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STF's Thirukurral Potti & Tamil Aaradhanai Vizha 2016

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Regular Classes for 2015-2016 start on August 23rd at 3.00 PM. Class Timings - 3.00 to 4.30 PM for Mazhalai - 3.00 to 5.00 PM for Level 1-Level 8

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Sastha Tamil Foundation


Sastha Tamil Foundation (STF) is a non-profit organization focused on bringing communities together for charity and service, with a goal of promoting volunteerism as a humanitarian change overall. To impart the Tamil culture, values, literature, and charity as a way of life, Mr. Velu Raman and Mrs. Visalakshi Velu founded STF in 2010. As a result, one of STF's main objectives is to promote Tamil language and culture to children in the community. Plano Tamil School, which is now a subsidiary of STF, was started in 2001 to teach Tamil to children using a structured curriculum. Learn More >>

Mission & Vision

Sastha Tamil Foundation is a non-profit organization with a multi-dimensional mission and vision to:

  • Cherish and nurture the spirit of volunteerism.
  • Celebrate and foster the virtues of a charity minded life style.
  • Cultivate and facilitate interest in Tamil education in breadth and depth.
  • Stimulate and propagate the growth of Tamil and its fame and richness.
  • Provide a platform for Students, Teachers and the Tamil community to bring out their talents and help them shine in their respective fields.
  • Prepare and promote the Tamil youth to lead and guide the future generations.
  • Collaborate and serve the Tamil community with a sense of togetherness.


Mr. Velu Raman, a visionary and a leader by nature, founded Sastha Tamil Foundation in 2010. It is no surprise he was keen on expanding his reach to help the community for the greater good of the under privileged back home in Tamil Nadu, India and locally in Dallas, Texas...


Mrs. Visalakshi Velu is a dedicated woman who devotes her time everyday to run Sastha Tamil Foundation and Plano Tamil School. Coming from a family that has a history of helping the community, she too constantly looks out for ways to help those in need. She is the director and founder of Plano Tamil School since 2001...

Sastha Tamil Foundation has thus far hosted and honored these following

accomplished individuals at the various STF events:

  • Mrs. Umayal Muthu Aachi: An accomplished Tamil debater, speaker, and a knowledgeable Tamil Literature expert.
  • Dr. Rajan Natrajan PhD: Past Maryland's Deputy Secretary of State, and Current Commissioner of Maryland Transportation Commission.
  • Mr. Jay Vijayan: CIO of Tesla and an avid supporter of the Tamil Community.
  • Mr. Paul Pandian: Philanthropist, Businessman and a strong supporter of the Tamil community.
  • Dr. Arasu Chellaih PhD: Professor and a past President of American Tamil Academy (ATA)
  • Dr. Kalai Chezhian, PhD: Young Tamil Scholar, Memory Expert, Author, and Vice Principal at Sri Sarada Niketan Arts & Science College in Salem, TN, India.
  • Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD: Inventor of email, MIT Professor, Businessman and Author.
  • Mr. Mani Ram: Director of the internationally recognized and multiple award-winning short film, "Tamil Ini…"
  • Mr. TKS Kalaivanan: Award winning Tamil Isai Singer and Music Composer.
  • Dr. R Subramanian: Naturopathist, Naturopathy Hospital Owner, and Author.
  • HUN Music Team: Finalists of Jaya TV's popular music show "Hariyudan Naan"

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