Sastha Tamil Foundation (STF) is a non-profit organization focused on bringing communities together for charity and service, with a goal of promoting volunteerism as a humanitarian change overall. To impart the Tamil culture, values, literature, and charity as a way of life, Mr. Velu Raman and Mrs. Visalakshi Velu founded STF in 2010. As a result, one of STF's main objectives is to promote Tamil language and culture to children in the community. Plano Tamil School, which is now a subsidiary of STF, was started in 2001 to teach Tamil to children using a structured curriculum.

Sastha Tamil Foundation/ Plano Tamil School also regularly conducts Tamil related competition such as Thirukkural Potti (Competition) since 2008, and Avvai Amutham Pottigal (Competition) since 2014. The founder Mr. Velu Raman has taken the initiative to spread the Thirukkural Pottigal concept to other cities in America through the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FETNA). Furthermore, Mr. Velu has taken initiative to support and inspire people to conduct Thirukkural competitions in Canada and India as well. STF has shown its support to run Thirukkural competitions in one of the Jails in Coimbatore, India as a means of helping the inmates.

STF has been deeply engaged in many charitable causes. STF supports Udavum Karangal's mission to serve and transform the lives of children, psychiatric patients and destitute in need.

Since 2008, Plano Tamil School/Sastha Tamil Foundation is sponsoring 30 children yearly from Udavum Karangal through a program called Child-To-Child Harmony Program. Also, STF collects and distributes baskets of food to the under privileged in the Dallas Fort-Worth area through a program called Basket Brigade, as an individual distribution location as a part of the Anthony Robbins Foundation. Through the help of Tamil Nadu Foundation (TNF), STF has also supported Shakthi Kalai Kuzhu, a program that supports Dalid women's higher education. Also through the help of TNF, STF has created and supported the 'Angel Janani Fund' that has helped build a classroom for Anbalayam, an organization that takes care of special needs children at the rural town of Seerkali in India.

With an intention of bringing the community together for contributing towards the greater good, STF conducts yearly fundraisers since 2011. With the support of the Dallas community, STF has been a channel for the greater good. We have together, contributed towards building an auditorium for the Udavum Karangal school and a psychiatric wing for Udavum Karangal. We have also contributed towards the Shakthi Kalai Kuzhu building as well. These fundraisers are a community involved event that showcases the talents and skills of various individuals from a young child to an adult, in every area from dance, singing, to theatrical skills, to project management skills. Every bit of the effort by each individual helps transform the lives of those inneed. For more information, check out our page on Charity Contribution.

STF recognizes and honors accomplished Tamil individuals. Recognizing these individuals is a way of showcasing how many success stories we have in our Tamil community, with the hope of planting seeds of success and inspiration in the minds of our youngsters.

STF's focus on Volunteerism
Sastha Tamil Foundation is an organization that focuses on increasing volunteerism, as a means of fulfillment in life. We, the STF Team, are humbled to witness our volunteers contribute and shine in their fields of expertise with passion to create a change in the community for the greater good.

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